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Revenue Management

Our Revenue Management Service focuses on optimizing hotel performances. Our team of experts will implement an innovative methodology to optimize your hotel’s Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) and Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room (GOPPAR).


  • Determinate the marketing segmentation for each hotel business unit.
  • Customize budgets for the chosen business model.
  • Make Forecasts adapted each to market segment.
  • Improve revenue by stimulating demand and utilizing the existing destination demand.
  • Establish possible new distribution channels for demand expansion.
  • Stimulate direct sales and distribution through websites and social media.
  • Implement a price structure and fulfill with the budgets.
  • Implement a benchmarking price for public and negotiated rates.
  • Perform income management tasks on daily, weekly and monthly bases.

Competitor Study

We study your main competitors to evaluate your position in connection with the offered destination or product. From this study we will know your strengths and weaknesses compared with your competitors to create a price – value ratio your hotel may offer in relation to them. Analyses of the main competitors for each property, to assess its position in connection with the offer destination or product. Based on these analyses, we compare strengths and weaknesses of the main competitors to their competitors.

Price Strategies vs. Competitors

We carry out studies comparing price strategies of main competitors. The research covers public prices and also determine negotiated rates. Corporate rates are based on hotel’s production accounts and its competitive set. Such studies are focused on the day-to-day activities during one-year term. This process reveals the competitiveness of the price within different segments and channels.


Strategic Distribution

Main competitor’s distribution tactics are assessed: GDS, IDS and offlines. The study is focused on promotion management and the permanence of prices by channel. Such study, through different techniques also examines hotel distribution management, inventory availability management and the management of rate availabilities during low and high seasons. The in-depth research over the hotel’s competitive strengths and weaknesses results in the implementation of a course of action with a primary approach to hire the new suitable distribution channels.


Demand Calendar

Goes through the demand calendar or creates one to analyze the day-to-day demand per period (with or without events), taking into account chosen and possible strategies.


Forecast / Reforecast / Budget

Forecasts and budgets are based on the hotel’s market segmentation to ensure the optimization of the existing demand for each individual segment in terms of marketing, sales and price strategies. They are periodically revised for reality adjustment purposes.



Monthly reports on:

  • Daily price strategy
  • Distribution channel price strategy
  • Yielding strategies
  • Closing reports
  • Daily and monthly variations vs. budgets
  • Meeting and evaluation with the marketing team.