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Our company, founded 40 years  ago with  extensive experience managing  of 3, 4- and 5- star hotels of our property  located in Buenos Aires, San Carlos de Bariloche and Corrientes,  entered into an agreement with Marriott International Chain in 2019, by which it was appointed as “Preferred Partner” for the operation of International  Marriott branded hotel units in Argentina. Gotel Hotel Management experienced teams, its vast service supplier network and its strategic alliances guarantee the success of any hotel activity. We know the strategies and best practices to launch, reposition or redevelop any segment hotels, being our main goal to outperform their competitors to become local market leaders.

We understand and leverage the competitive advantages of the unique character of independent hotels and other lodging facilities and approach them with an innovative view and our own imprint and expertise to improve their results. We offer them one of our international brands and, above all, we develop the proper management to become successful for them.

We offer customized services, adjusted to each property requirements, with avant-garde technologies and strategies thus creating unique guest experiences, even for the most demanding clients.

With our trajectory and flexibility applied to each proposal, our staff’s experience, our  proven successful results over the  last decades and the backing of Marriott International, we can manage a  wide variety within our  portfolio of high performance properties including boutique hotels, lifestyle beach & ski resorts,  innovative lodging concepts, short- rental apartments, apartment blocks, local hotels and low- budget modern hotels, among other properties.

Focusing on results, we highlight the strengthens and potential of each property. Our experience, know-how and financial performance lead our projects to successful achievements.

When it comes to online reputation, we know how to improve results and gain exposure through a digital marketing based on guests’ satisfactory experiences for each lifestyle target and for each business unit.

Preferred Operator

Located in the heart of 9 de Julio Av., the benchmark hotel will be known as Marriott Buenos Aires.

Hoteles Panamericano and Marriott International signed a franchise agreement that will turn Hotel Panamericano into Marriott Buenos Aires, becoming the first Marriott Hotel in Argentina.

Marriott Hotels, the flagship brand of Marriott International, is devoted to improve guests’ travel experiences while opening new opportunities for unique experiences oriented to the next generation of travelers. Currently, Marriott International has 256 hotels in Latin America and the Caribbean, operating under 19 of its brands including Marriott Hotels, Sheraton, The Ritz- Carlton and W Hotels.

Hoteles Panamericano will conduct the necessary adjustments in the property to reach Marriot International global standards.

In this framework, Hoteles Panamericano was appointed as “Preferred Operator” to run other Marriot International branded hotels in Argentina.

The transformation of this hotel marks the return of Marriot International prestigious brand to Buenos Aires City. In the meantime, the possibility that other Panamericano branded hotel becomes part of Marriot International portfolio and other potential projects for this market are being assessed.

The franchise agreement was made by Marcelo Ubach- CEO of Hoteles Panamericano, Laurent De Kousemaeker – Chief Development Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean- and Daniel Ozzan – Director of Development for Latin America and the Caribbean.

“It is an honor and a great challenge to operate the Marriot International emblematic brand in our property, initiating a path of growth and development within the hotel business. I appreciate the cooperation of the Marriot International executives that took part in this project”- said Marcelo Ubach, CEO of Hoteles Panamericano.

“We are excited about bringing the Marriot Hotels brand back to Buenos Aires and increase our portfolio of properties in such a great destination”, said Laurent De Kousemaeker – Chief Development Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean. “We are thrilled by the opportunity of leading the Marriott Buenos Aires project together with Hoteles Panamericano and its team”.


We do what we know

  • We develop and implement operative guidelines, according to the particularities of each business model or adjust the existing ones, if any, and standardize the rules by which the staff must abide.
  • We provide practical action steps and expansion plans to maximize returns in the hotel management activity, regardless of the target market.
  • Our budgets are prepared to sustainably reach the set goals in due time.
  • The flow of funds is managed under standardized controls and audit processes for an easy supervision and control by investors and owners.
  • Our budgets for capital investments are profit-based and include the estimation of operative costs in the short, medium and long terms.

Hotel Management Agreement

Our 5 year- term contracts guarantee sound financial results and returns for your hotel investment.


Likewise, we offer exit windows in case the set goals are not reached.


Capital investments budgets are result- based and allow the estimation of operative costs.

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We have high qualified staff with extensive experience in the hotel business.

Marcelo Ubach

Natalia Ponti
Revenue Manager

Marcelo Raitelli
Foods and Drinks

Claudio Odoni
Human Resources

Leandro Ruffini
Sales and Marketing

Mara Anapios
Congresses and Conventions

Daniel Ozzan

Christian Cabanchik

Hotels – Portfolio

Some of the hotels in our portfolio.

Marriott Buenos Aires

Panamericano Bariloche

Sheraton Mar del Plata

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